Opportunities for Undergraduates



bulResearch Opportunities

The Chemistry Department provides a variety of opportunities for undergraduates to participate in research programs during the academic year and the summer. Faculty members welcome undergraduates in their research groups and usually arrange a close collaboration with graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. These symbiotic interactions provide opportunities for students to work with the latest equipment and ideas in modern chemical science, in an environment that provides close mentoring and support.

bulStudy Abroad

Science and technology have no borders! Invest in your future by developing cross-cultural skills that will enable you to communicate with scientists anywhere in the world.

bulSummer Research - NSF REU

Rochester is a site for the National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergraduates (NSF REU) program, providing funding for a number of students every summer. Summer research students have their own research problem, a specific faculty advisor and a specific day-to-day graduate student or postdoctoral mentor.

bulTeaching & Employment Opportunities

There are several ways for you to become actively involved in the teaching programs in the department or as a student employee. These positions offer you opportunities to put your knowledge to work to help others learn, to develop new communication and leadership skills, and to test out your interest in teaching. In addition you will find that you develop new relationships with the faculty, the department, and the College.

bulUndergraduate Chemistry Council

The general goal of the UCC is to promote interest in chemistry among the students and community of the University of Rochester. They strive to provide students with access to chemistry related, networking, outreach, educational and social events. In the past, this organization has had lunches with professors, discussions with professionals, offered Science center demonstration trips, organized presentations and advising, and even put together a Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream social!