Five-Year M.S. Program

The Chemistry Department offers a special research-based Masters degree program, available only to UR undergraduates. By taking advantage of the intensive curriculum in the B.S. Chemistry program and by integrating B.S. and M.S. research, students can make efficient use of their time to accomplish an M.S. degree with one additional year beyond the B.S. program. Typically, enrollment in five graduate courses in Chemistry is distributed over the fourth and fifth years of study. A research program is started in the fourth and continued in the fifth year. Both B.S. and M.S. theses are required. Fifth year students will devote more than 50% of their time to research. When compared to more traditional course-based M.S. programs in chemistry, the Rochester program reduces the time and tuition costs, while increasing the research experience of the graduates.

The five-year program makes no assumptions about the long-term career goals of students. Some will choose to continue to study for a Ph.D. while others will choose to go to work as chemists. In either case, the program prepares students who are superbly educated for their subsequent choices. By providing an extended opportunity to pursue basic research, the program also promises to help students decide whether to pursue further study and independent research. If desired, the Chemistry department will assist the student in finding industrial employment (often an internship) in the summer between the fourth and fifth years of study, enabling them to acquire a better understanding of employment opportunities in the chemical industry.

Since the program is based on an integration of the fourth and fifth years of study, careful planning is required. Students should discuss this program with a faculty adviser when they begin to make decisions about senior research in the spring of the junior year. Formal application to the Graduate School and admission to the program follows in the fall of the senior year. Scholarships for 75-100% of the tuition for the fifth year of study are available; consideration for that support is concurrent with the review for admission.

The Five-Year M.S. Program is made possible by generous funding from companies, who benefit from students’ awareness of their company’s support, and often employ the student as a summer intern and/or a permanent employee as a result of the program.

Companies Contributing to the M.S. Program
CIBA 10/1996
Novartis 09/1997
Procter & Gamble 09/1997
Novartis 03/1998
Boehringer Ingelheim 02/1998, 04/1999, 12/1999
Novartis 2006-2008
Novartis 2009-2011


For further information, please contact the Graduate Studies Coordinator:

Robin Cooley
Graduate Studies Coordinator
Hutchison Hall 471
Phone: (585) 275-0635