Undergraduate Studies Committee

Faculty listed below have primary responsibility for undergraduate studies. You should feel free to contact any member of this committee or email: ugradadm@chem.rochester.edu.

Committee Members
Professor Joshua L. Goodman (Chair) HH 460 585-275-4891
Professor Robert Boeckman HH 451 585-275-4229
Professor Alison Frontier HH 414 585-275-2568
Dr. Benjamin Hafensteiner HH 124 585- 275-1936
Professor Thomas R. Krugh HH 459 585-275-4224
Professor Wolf Udo Schröder HH 466 585-275-8263
Deb Contestabile HH 404E 585-276-3663
Committee Functions
Chemistry Major Advisor: Any Committee Member
Chemistry Minor Advisor: Any Committee Member
Chemistry Concentration Approvals: Any Committee Member
Approval for Transfer Credit Goodman & Contestabile
Senior Research Theses and Symposium: Krugh & Contestabile
ACS Student Affiliates Advisor: Krugh
Review of Senior Transcripts & Latin Honors: Goodman & Contestabile
Review of Transcripts and Readmission Applications: Goodman
Undergraduate Awards and Nominations:: Goodman & Contestabile
Graduation Ceremonies: Goodman & Contestabile
Review of Freshman Academic Handbook, Undergraduate Course Description, Bulletin for Undergraduate Studies: Goodman & Contestabile
Review of Formal Petitions: Committee
College Fall, Spring, and Summer Advising Meetings: Committee
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Contact us...

For more information on our Undergraduate Program, please contact:

Deb Contestabile
Undergraduate Program Coordinator
& Course Administrator, Chemistry Dept.

Office: Hutchison Hall, Room 404E
Phone: (585) 276-3663
Email: ugradadm@chem.rochester.edu

We also welcome you to consult with a faculty member of the chemistry Undergraduate Studies Committee, or one of our Chemistry Peer Advisors.