September 8, 2009

John R. Huizenga Research Memoir Published

The Chemistry Department is pleased to announce that John Huizenga’s research memoir entitled “Five Decades of Research in Nuclear Science” was published by the Meliora Press in September 2009.

Throughout his 50-year scientific career, John Huizenga has been a towering figure guiding research at the frontiers of science, having made exceptional contributions to nuclear science and technology. His legacy continues in the impressive body of knowledge and insights recorded in his many scientific articles and books and lives on in his students, whose intellectual formation and scientific careers he so markedly influenced. A history of his research career is now described in detail in this volume. The book summarizes Prof. Huizenga’s research in the field of nuclear science carried out at the Argonne National Laboratory and the University of Rochester during the last half of the twentieth century. Also included are descriptions of selected travels, government service, and other activities related to his professional career.

Those alumni wishing to obtain a copy of “Five Decades of Research in Nuclear Science” are invited to contact the Department of Chemistry. Please contact the Development Administrator, or 585-275-2915 with your request.