June 15, 2012

Brad Nilsson recipient of the Provost's Multidisciplinary Research Award

Brad Nilsson is a recipient of a 2012 Provost's Multidisciplinary Research Award along with Co-PI Stephen Dewhurst, Microbiology & Immunology, URMC, for their project entitled "HIV Anti-Infective Materials from Self-Assembled Peptides." The objective of this proposal is to develop multifunctional materials derived from simple self-assembling peptides as next-generation microbicides for the prevention of sexual transmission of HIV. HIV infection is a major public health crisis, particularly in developing nations. At current infection rates, the increasing cost-of-care for the HIV/AIDS epidemic worldwide is not sustainable. Thus, the development of novel modalities for prevention of sexual transmission of HIV is crucial.

In 2012, five research projects at the University have been selected as recipients of the annual Provost's Multidisciplinary Awards. In 2007, President Seligman established this initiative, providing $250,000 each year to support faculty research that crosses disciplines, either within one or across two or more schools.