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Esther Conwell, pioneering professor of chemistry,
dies at 92


Esther M. Conwell, research professor of chemistry at the University of Rochester and recipient of the National Medal of Science, died in a motor vehicle accident Sunday at the age of 92.

“Esther Conwell’s death is a tragic loss for the world of science, as well as for the University community,” said University President Joel Seligman. “Professor Conwell’s many scientific contributions and her pioneering role as a leading woman in science made her a source of pride for our entire University of Rochester community. She was a deeply inspiring scientist for young women pursuing careers in science. Our thoughts are with her family and colleagues during this very difficult time.”

“In addition to her own outstanding research contributions, Esther, over her career, mentored many postdoctoral fellows, graduate and undergraduate students,” said Todd Krauss, chair of the Department of Chemistry. “More broadly, she has served as an inspiration to women scientists around the globe. She will be greatly missed.” (more)



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