Douglas H. Turner

Douglas H. Turner

Professor of Chemistry

Ph.D. 1972, Columbia University

Biophysical Chemistry: nucleic acid structure and function, RNA folding, therapeutics, and prediction of structure from sequence

The research in Professor Turner's group focuses on the forces directing nucleic acid chemistry, with particular emphasis on RNA folding. This chemistry is important for life and for design of therapeutics. Nevertheless, much of it is not well understood. Studies of the properties of short oligonucleotides and related computational studies provide insight into the interactions determining the sequence dependence of the structures, energetics, and dynamics of nucleic acids.

Insight into the structures of large RNAs are provided by experiments that provide: (1) NMR spectra and (2) chemical reactivity of individual nucleotides. This information is incorporated into computer programs to predict the secondary and three-dimensional structure of an RNA. The results from these studies are providing the foundation for a bioinformatics approach to develop deeper interpretations of the many nucleic acid sequences determined by the Human Genome Project and other sequencing efforts. Binding of RNA to oligonucleotides in a microarray is providing information to facilitate design of therapeutics to target RNA.

The solutions to these challenging problems require many different clues. The group therefore applies the methods of UV and NMR spectroscopies, thermodynamics, computational chemistry, oligonucleotide synthesis, chemical and microarray mapping of RNA structure, and rapid reaction kinetics. By combining the results obtained from these various techniques, it is often possible to deduce unifying concepts for the nucleic acid chemistry.

The goal of the Turner group is to predict RNA secondary and 3D structure from sequence.

Selected Publications

Condon, D.E., Yildirium, I., Kennedy, S.D., Mort, B.C., Kierzek, R., Turner, D.H., Gdaniec, Z., Kierzek, R.  "Optimization of an AMBER Force Field for the Artificial Nucleic Acid, LNA, and Benchmarking with NMR of L(CAAU),"  J. Phys. Chem. B.  20141181216-1228.
Dela-Moss, L.I., Moss, W.N., Turner, D.H.  "Identification of Conserved RNA Secondary Structures at Influenza B and C Splice Sites Reveals Similarities and Differences between Influenza A, B, and C,"  BMC Research Notes  20147:22
Kierzek, E., Malgowska, M., Lisowiec, J., Turner, D.H., Gdaniec, Z., Kierzek, R.  "The Contribution of Pseudouridine to Stabilities and Structure of RNAs,"  Nucleic Acids Res.  2014423492-3501.
Turner, D.H.  "Fundamental Interactions in RNA: Questions Answered and Remaining,"  Biopolymers  2013991097-1104.
Priore, S.F., Moss, W.N., Turner, D.H.  "Influenza B Virus has Global Ordered RNA Structure in (+) and (-) Strands but Relatively Less Stable Predicted RNA Folding Free Energy than Allowed by the Encoded Protein Sequence,"  BMC Research Notes  20136-330.
Priore, S.F., Kierzek, E., Kierzek, R., Baman, J.R., Moss, W.N., Dela-Moss, L.I., Turner, D.H.  "Secondary Structure of a Conserved Domain in the Intron of Influenza A NS1 mRNA,"  PLoS ONE  20138(9)e70615.
Tubbs, J.D., Condon, D.E., Kennedy, S.D., Hauser, M., Bevilacqua, P.C., Turner, D.H.  "The Nuclear Magnetic Resonance of CCCC RNA Reveals a Right-Handed Helix, and Revised Parameters for AMBER Force Field Torsions Improve Predictions from Molecular Dynamics,"  Biochemistry  201352996-1010.
Kennedy, S.D., Kierzek, R., Turner, D.H.  "Novel Conformation of an RNA Structural Switch,"  Biochemistry  2012519257-9259.
Morgado, C.A., Svozil, D., Turner, D.H., Sponer, J.  "Understanding the Role of Base Stacking in Nucleic Acids. MD and QM Analysis of Tandem GA Pairs in RNA Duplexes,"  Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics  20121412580-12591.
Moss, W.N., Dela-Moss, L.I., Priore, S.F., Turner, D.H.  "The Influenza A Segment 7 mRNA 3' Splice Site Pseudoknot/Hairpin Family,"  RNA Biology  201291305-1310.
Moss, W.N., Dela-Moss, L.I., Kierzek, E., Kierzek, R., Priore, S.F., Turner, D.H.  "The 3' Splice Site of Influenza A Segment 7 mRNA Can Exist in Two Conformations: A Pseudoknot and a Hairpin,"  PLoS ONE  20127(6)e38323.
Priore S.F., Moss W.N., Turner, D.H.  "Influenza A Virus Coding Regions Exhibit Host-specific Global Ordered RNA Structure,"  PLoS ONE  20127(4)e35989.
Chen, J.L., Dishler, A.L., Kennedy, S.D., Yildirim, I., Liu, B., Turner, D.H., Serra, M.J.  "Testing the Nearest Neighbor Model for Canonical RNA Base Pairs: Revision of GU Parameters,"  Biochemistry  2012513509-3522.
Yildirium, I., Kennedy, S. D., Stern, H. A., Hart, J. M., Kierzek, R., Turner, D. H.  "Revision of AMBER Torsional Parameters for RNA Improves Free Energy Predictions of Tetramer Duplexes with GC and iGiC Base Pairs,"  J. Chem. Theory, Comput.  20128172-181.
Van Nostrand, K., Kennedy, S. D., Turner, D. H., Mathews, D. H.   "Molecular Mechanics Investigation of an Adenine-Adenine Non-Canonical Pair Conformational Change,"  J. Chem. Theory, Comput.  201173779-3792.
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Yildirium, I., Stern, H. A., Tubbs, J. D., Kennedy, S. D., Turner, D. H.  "Benchmarking AMBER Force Fields for RNA: Comparisons to NMR Spectra for Single-stranded r(GACC) are Improved by Revised χ Torsions,"  J. Phys. Chem. B  20111159261-9270.
Noble, E., Mathews, D. H., Chen, J. L., Turner, D. H., Takamoto, T., Kim, B.  "Biophysical analysis of influenza A virus RNA promoter at physiological temperatures,"  J. Biol. Chem.  201128624872-24881.
Lerman, Y., Kennedy, S. D., Shankar, N., Parisien, M., Major, F., Turner, D. H.  "NMR Structure of a 4X4 Nucleotide RNA Internal Loop from an R2 Retrotransposon: Identification of a Three Purine-Purine Sheared Pair Motif and Comparison to MC-SYM Predictions,"  RNA  2011171664-1677.
Moss, W. N., Priore, S. F., Turner, D. H.  "Identification of Potential Conserved RNA Secondary Structure throughout Influenza A Coding Regions,"  RNA  201117991-1011.
Liu, B., Diamond, J. M., Mathews, D. H., Turner, D. H.  "Fluorescence Competition and Optical Melting Measurements of RNA Three-Way Multibranch Loops Provide a Revised Model for Thermodynamic Parameters,"  Biochemistry  201150640-653.
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Reblova, K., Strelcova, Z., Kulhanek, P., Besseova, I., Mathews, D. H., Van Nostrand, K., Yildirium, I., Turner, D. H., Sponer, J.  "An RNA Molecular Switch: Intrinsic Flexibility of 23S rRNA Helices 40 and 68 5’-UAA/5’-GAN Internal Loops Studied by Molecular Dynamics Methods,"  J. Chem. Theory, Comput.  20106910-929.
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