Lewis Rothberg

Lewis Rothberg

Professor of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering

Ph.D. 1984, Harvard University

Physical Chemistry: Organic Device Science

Our group works in the areas of Organic Electronics, Plasmon-enhanced Spectroscopy and Biomolecular Sensing. The vision behind our studies of Organic Electronics is to understand easily processed organic materials for inexpensive applications as the active element in light-emitting diodes, thin film transistors and photovoltaic devices. We study the science of light emission, charge photogeneration and charge transport that underpins future applications of polymers in flexible displays, electronic paper and organic solar cells. The techniques we use span the range from transient spectroscopy of excited state relaxation to charge modulation spectroscopy in devices. We work with novel materials such as self-organizing chiral conjugated oligomers, dendritic side group polymers and water-soluble emissive polymers. Our current collaborators in the Organic Electronics area are Man Kit Ng, Esther Conwell and Al Marchetti (Chemistry), Shaw Chen and Ching Tang (Chemical Engineering), Mary Galvin (University of Delaware), Michael Rubner and Tim Swager (MIT), Ralph Young (Eastman Kodak) and Darryl Smith (Los Alamos). Recent accomplishments include single chromophore studies of conjugated polymers, mechanistic work on the salvation of thiophene-containing dendrimers and plasmonic enhancement of organic photovoltaics.

In the biomolecular sensor area, we aim to develop new optical detection approaches based on interactions with nanoparticles, reflectivity, Raman spectroscopy and radiative engineering of fluorescent decay rates. Coupled to our sensing effort, we are studying the basic science of single molecule Raman and fluorescence spectroscopy. Our collaborators in this area are Ben Miller (Dermatology), Todd Krauss and Doug Turner (Chemistry), Hong Yang (Chemical Engineering) and Howard Federoff (Center for Aging). Recent accomplishments include the invention of rapid sequence screening technology based on electrostatic interactions between gold nanoparticles and DNA as well as development of reflective interferometry, a label-free microarray reading technology with high sensitivity.

Selected Publications

Klubek, K.P., Dont, S.C., Liao, L.S., Tang, C.W., Rothberg, L.J.  "Investigating blue phosphorescent Ir dopant with phenyl-imidazole ligands,"  Submitted to Applied Physics Letters.
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Marchetti, A.P., Haskins, T.L., Young. R.H., Rothberg, L.J.  "Permanent polarization and charge distribution in organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs): Insights from near-infared charge-modulation spectroscopy of an operating OLED,"  Journal of Applied Physics  2014115(11)Article Number: 114506.
Lee, S., Tang, C.W., Rothberg, L.J.  "Effects of Emitting Layer Host Composition Profile on the Recombination Zone of Blue Phosphorescent Organic Light-emitting Diodes,"  Journal of the Society for Information Display  20132155-59.
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Marchetti, A. P., Sassin, K. E., Young, R. H., Rothberg, L. J., Kondakov, D. Y.  "Integer Charge Transfer States in Organic Light-emitting Diodes: Optical Detection of Hole Carriers at the Anode Organic Interface,"  J. Appl. Phys.  2011109013709-013717.
Nelson, E. M., Rothberg, L. J.  "Kinetics and Mechanism of Single-Stranded DNA Adsorption onto Citrate-Stabilized Gold Nanoparticles in Colloidal Solution,"  Langmuir  2011271770-1777.
Rothberg, L. J.  "Conjugated Polymers: Watching Ploymers Dance,"  Nature Chem.  20113425-426.
Rothberg, L., Pan, S.  "Plasmon-Enhanced Luminescence and Applications to Organic Electronics,"  Metal Enhanced Fluorescence  2009Chris Geddes (Ed.), Wiley306-309.
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