Chemistry 244W » Spring (even years) » Full Semester
4 Credits
Advanced Nuclear Science Educational Laboratory (ANSEL)
Instructor(s): Wolf-Udo Schröder

Prerequisites: PHY 123/143
Crosslisting: PHY 245W / PHY445W / CHM445W
Restrictions: Not open to freshmen and sophomores.

Course Summary:
Students enrolled in ANSEL will develop a sophisticated understanding of our terrestrial radiation environment and of some of the important applications of nuclear science and technology. They will acquire practical skills in the routine use of radiation detectors, monitors, and electronics, and develop the ability to assess radiation threats and prospects of their abatement. The four in-depth ANSEL experiments are designed to help recreate a type of well-rounded, competent experimental nuclear scientist who is able to analyze an experimental problem, to select, design, and set up appropriate nuclear instrumentation, and to conduct required measurements. Laboratory sessions will meet twice a week for 2 hours and 40 minutes. In addition to the laboratory component of ANSEL students will attend a weekly lecture (1 hour and 15 minutes per week) to discuss the scientific background of the experiments and to relate principles of radiation detection and measurement. (Formerly CHM 245W)