Chemistry 352 » Spring » Full Semester
1 Credit
Issues in Workshop Leadership
Instructor(s): Catherine Perez

Prerequisites: None.
Crosslisting: CAS 352 (fall) / CAS 355 (spring)

Course Summary:
This course is designed to prepare students to be effective Workshop leaders in chemistry courses. Topics include: group dynamics; diversity; student development; learning theory; cognitive apprenticeship; metacognition and constructivism. These ideas are developed and applied in the context of Workshop practice. Discussions will include both theoretical and practical aspects of leading a chemistry workshop. The class meets for 1.5 hours each week in the semester in which students are leading Workshops. Readings from the research literature, class discussion and a research paper and presentation are required.

Course Topics:
Leadership Theories; Tuckman Team Development; Parker and Belbin Team Roles; Problem Solving/ Evaluating Abilities; Vygotsky’s Zone; Politeness and Inequities; Encoding and Memory Techniques; Concept maps as review; Bennett’s Model of Multicultural Development; Conceptual vs Algorithmic Problem Solving; Critical Thinking; Kolb’s Experiential Learning.

Required Text:
Readings provided from Tuckman, Kolb, Roth, Bennett, Ferron, Brown & Levinson, Parker, Glatthorn & Coble.