Chemistry 415 » Fall » 1st Half
2 Credits
Group Theory
Instructor(s): Ellen Matson

Prerequisites: None.
Crosslisting: None.

Course Summary:
This course features the development of symmetry and group theory concepts and explores the scope of applications to chemical problems.

Course Topics:
  • Group Theory
  • Subgroups, Similarity Transforms, Classes
  • Symmetry Operations, Symmetry Operation Multiplication
  • Point Groups
  • Classes of Operations, Matrices, Representations of Groups
  • Orthogonality Theorem
  • Character Tables, Cyclic Groups
  • Wave Functions, Direct Products, Projection Operators
  • A Real Problem: C3H3, Symmetry Coordinates
  • Molecular Orbitals, Atomic Orbital Symmetry
  • Pi-Bonding, Hybridazation, Energy of LCAOs
  • MOT for ABn Molecules
  • MOT of Metal Complexes
  • Examples: Ferrocene and CpMn(CO)3
  • Ligand Field Theory, Russell-Saunders Coupling, Splitting of States
  • Descending Symmetry, Selection Rules, Polarization
  • Vibrations
  • Vibrational Selection Rules, Raman

Required Text:
Cotton, F. A. “Chemical Applications of Group Theory”, 3rd Ed., 1990, Wiley, New York. (optional purchase – on reserve in library)
Carter, R. L. “Molecular Symmetry and Group Theory,” 1998, Wiley, New York. (good supplementary reading – available at Barnes and Noble in mid-September, or $55 on Amazon.) Jaffé, H. H.; Orchin, M. "Symmetry in Chemistry," 2002,Wiley, New York (good supplementary reading – $6 on Amazon)

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