Chemistry 252 » Spring » Full Semester
4 Credits
Physical Chemistry II
Instructor(s): James M. Farrar

Prerequisites: General chemistry (CHM 131/132 or equivalent), first-semester physics (PHY 113 or equivalent) and calculus (MTH 143 or equivalent).
Crosslisting: None.

Course Summary:
This course covers thermodynamics, statistical mechanics, and chemical kinetics. These subjects are a fundamental part of our understanding of matter and energy. Thermodynamics is the mathematical theory of heat – it gives rules describing how heat flows, and the relationship between heat and other kinds of energy. Statistical mechanics explains what heat is – it provides an explanation of thermodynamics in terms of the random motion of molecules. Chemical kinetics is the study of the time dependence of chemical reactions. This course uses the Tuesday/Thursday 8:00 - 9:30 am Common Exam time.

Course Topics:
  1. Properties of Gases
  2. Microstates and Macrostates. Entropy and Temperature.
  3. Boltzmann distribution and partition function
  4. First Law of thermodynamics
  5. Second Law of thermodynamics
  6. Enthalpy, Helmholtz and Gibbs Energies
  7. Phase Equilibrium
  8. Solutions
  9. Chemical Equilibrium
  10. Chemical Kinetics

Required Text:
Donald A. McQuarrie and John D. Simon, Molecular Thermodynamics, University Science Books, 1999

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