Chemistry 173 » Fall » Full Semester
1 Credit
Freshman Organic Chemistry Laboratory
Instructor(s): Joseph P. Dinnocenzo

Prerequisites: Coregistration in 171.
Crosslisting: None.

Course Summary:
Freshman Organic Chemistry is a one year exploration of the basic observations, concepts and practice of organic chemistry, with a focus on the fundamental relationships among molecular structure and chemical reactivity. The exploration will require that students grapple indepth issues: defining questions, evaluating evidence, weighing arguments, reflecting on epistemological issues, constructing new experiments, etc. The study of organic chemistry (focusing on chemical bonding, structure and stereochemistry, reactions and reaction mechanisms of organic compounds) will be carefully integrated with a review of the key concepts from general chemistry. Freshman Organic Chemistry is designed for first year students with good preparation in chemistry (e.g., two years of general chemistry and an Advanced Placement score 4 or 5, or equivalent preparation). CHM 173 is the lab accompanying CHM 171 (concurrent registration is required.) There is one 3-hour laboratory and one 50 minute laboratory lecture per week.

Course Topics:
  • Cooperative Indentification of an Organic Solid
  • Acid-Base Properties of Organic Compounds
  • Substitution/Elimination Reactions
  • Qualitative Analysis

Required Text:
Techniques in Organic Chemistry (MHS), J. R. Mohrig, C. N. Hammond, P. F. Schatz, (ISBN: 0-7167-6935-2).
Organic Chemistry: Structure and Function, 5th. Ed. (VS), K. P. C. Vollhardt, N.E. Schore, (ISBN: 0-7167-9949-9).
Laboratory Manual, available for purchase in the department at the beginning of the semester.

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