Department History: 1861-2016

Anderson Hall: 1861-1887

The Chemistry Department was housed in Anderson Hall from 1861-1887. Anderson Hall was named for the University's first President Martin Brewer Anderson. It was the first building to be erected on the Prince St. Campus and the second home of the University, the first being the United States Hotel on West Main St. It remained a part of the University until 1955 when the women students joined their male counterparts on the River Campus and the “old campus” was largely sold [1].

Reynolds Memorial Hall: 1887-1930

The Chemistry Department was housed in Reynolds Memorial Hall from 1887-1930. The Reynolds Memorial Laboratory was given to the UR by Mortimer F. Reynolds as a memorial to his brother William A. Reynolds, a University trustee. Burgeoning student interest in chemistry, made "the construction of a chemical laboratory an imperative necessity" according to President Anderson in 1881. Reynolds high regard for Professor Samuel A. Lattimore made it an even more appropriate gift [1].

Lattimore Hall: 1930-1972

The Chemistry Department was housed in Lattimore Hall from 1930-1972, named after Samuel A. Lattimore, Chair of the Department of Chemistry from 1867-1908. Lattimore was known as a chemist of exceptional ability, an excellent teacher with a charming personality and also known for his broad range of cultural interests as well as his strong influence upon the community life of Rochester. He was a charter member of the American Chemical Society and a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science [1].

Hutchison Hall: 1972-2016

The Chemistry Department is currently located in Hutchison Hall on River Campus. Hutchison Hall was built in 1972 and named in honor of chemistry student and graduating member of the University of Rochester class of 1897, Charles Force Hutchison one of the University’s most distinguished alumni and among its largest benefactors [1].

[1] History of the University of Rochester by A. J. May, ed. L. E. Klein (University of Rochester, 1977). Photos courtesy of the Rare Books and Special Collections, University of Rochester Library (unless otherwise attributed)

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