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Associate Professor of Chemistry, Daniel J. Weix is a scientist, but he nonetheless talks about the creative aspects of chemistry and the art of organic synthesis. He specializes in organic (carbon-based) synthesis and is working to develop better ways of creating molecules in order to accelerate the discovery of new, useful compounds, including pharmaceuticals. (more)

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May 6, 2014
Daniel Weix wins Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award.  more...

May 6, 2014
Barbara Snaith and Elly York Win Chemistry Department Award.  more...

May 6, 2014
Daniel Everson selected as 2013-2014 Outstanding Dissertation Award Winner in the Natural Sciences for the University of Rochester.  more...

May 6, 2014
Rochester Distinguished Scholar Award goes to Dr. Yuh-geng Tsay .  more...

October 8, 2014 • 2:00 PM
Fall Get Together & Award Ceremony
Please join us at the next chemistry departmental get-together, where we will recognize the Junior Scholar Award, W.D. Walters Teaching Award, and Catherine Block Memorial Fund Prize recipients.
Green Carpet Lounge of Hutchison Hall

October 18, 2014 • 4:30 PM
Gates Happy Hour 2014
Faculty, alumni and guests are invited to attend this special Meliora weekend event.
Havens Lounge- Wilson Commons

October 1, 2014 • 12:00 PM
Underlying Thermodynamics of pH-Induced Allostericity: Is it Time to Stop Blaming the Poor and Overworked Histidines?
Professor Adrian Roitberg
Hutchison Hall 473

October 6, 2014 • 4:00 PM
Non-Traditional Organometallic Chemistry: Fundamental Studies and Catalytic Applications
Professor Zachary Tonzetich
Hutchison Hall 473

October 10, 2014 • 9:00 AM
Methods and Mechanism in Asymmetric Catalysis
Professor Abigail Doyle
Hutchison Hall 473

October 16, 2014 • 2:00 PM
Professor Mohammad A. Omary
Hylan 102

October 22, 2014 • 12:00 PM
Materials in silico: Theoretical studies of structure and transport
Professor Mark Tuckerman
Hutchison Hall 473